Adhesive tapes for Automobiles

10704// Adhesive tape for acoustic fleeces in vehicle interiors

Permanent adhesive film with release liner made of film. The adhesive tape, usually supplied as log or jumbo rolls, is used to laminate various types of acoustic fleece. The main area of application is noise damping in the interior of vehicles. The optimised low VOC values (Volatile Organic Compounds) of the tape make it ideal for your vehicle interior applications. Besides a full-surface coating, the pressure-sensitive adhesive film is also available with a zone coating. The release liner of the self-adhesive surface can be removed quickly and easily from the die-cut end product through several adhesive-free finger lift zones – even from very soft substrates.

11523// Mounting adhesive tape for heat shields

Strongly adhesive mounting tape with high adhesive profile thickness. For self-adhesive finishing of heat protection shields in the automotive sector. The proven adhesive tape ensures simple and quick installation at the place of use in the vehicle engine compartment or comparable areas of application.
Montageklebeband für Hitzeschilde im Automobil

10005//, 14012// Adhesive coatings and tapes for sealing papers

Carrierless pressure-sensitive adhesive – optionally with paper fleece backing – in log roll format for laminating sealing papers for the automotive industry, which are mainly used in the production and repair of engines. The pressure sensitive adhesive can be used both to bond individual sealing layers and to equip the finished sealing compound to provide the user with a self-adhesive finished product.

41000/3/ PU foam tape for sealing air filter housings

Open-pored, strongly adhesive PU foam tape with good sealing properties against unwanted suspended particles. Perfectly suited for the surrounding case sealing of air filter elements in vehicles. The flexible PU foam prevents undesirable suspended particles from penetrating through the gaps between the filter housing and filter holder and, for example, from entering the vehicle interior or contaminating the fuel-air mixture. With a length of several thousand meters, the PU foam tape in cross-wound spool format is ideal for use in automated manufacturing processes.
PU-Schaumband zur Abdichtung von Luftfiltergehäusen