Adhesive tapes for interior finishing and terrace construction

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Cellular rubber foam tape for wooden terrace substructures

Single-sided cellular rubber adhesive tape for use between wooden elements of terrace substructures. The weatherproof adhesive tape combines several functions in one product.

The thin and flexible cellular rubber foam adapts ideally to the wooden elements and protects them from waterlogging or other weather influences. In addition, it serves as a seal in conjunction with screw points, and the compressible structure of the foam tape makes it an ideal sound absorber for wooden substructures.

Sample application:

Construction of a terrace with substructure on adjustable feet. The top of the substructure is covered with weather-resistant cellular rubber foam tape – for protection and noise dampening.

EPDM-Schaumband für Terrassenunterkonstruktionen

Sealing tape for awnings and conservatories

High-quality EPDM adhesive tape, adhesive on one side, used in the production of awning and conservatory elements. There it serves as a sealing strip between various components and housing parts and prevents the penetration of moisture.

The excellent weather resistance of EPDM adhesive tape also qualifies it for durable outdoor applications.