Adhesive tapes for air conditioning and ventilation systems

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PU-Schaumband zur Abdichtung von Reinraumfiltern

PU foam tape for sealing clean room filters

High-adhesive and open-pored PU foam tape for framing the housings of clean room filters in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

The elastic PU foam tape has good sealing properties to fill gaps between the filter housing and filter holder and ensure maximum air purity.

As a cross-wound spool with several thousand meters, the foam tape fits ideally into automated industrial processes.

30000/1/, 35000/1/
PE foam tape for sealing flanges in ventilation ducts

One-sided self-adhesive PE foam, optionally with or without release liner. Ideal for sealing between flanges or other components in ventilation ducts.

The elastic PE foam prevents structure-borne noise and also adapts flexibly to possible component movements.