PVC Foam Tapes

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PVC foam tape, one-sided self-adhesive

Product features:

  • PVC foam carrier in various thicknesses
  • High elasticity and restoring forces
  • Coating with acrylic adhesive, good initial and final adhesion
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Often used as sealing tape for windows and doors

Product structure:

Release Liner | Paper, white

Adhesive | Polyacrylate

Foam| PVC, black/white

Produktaufbau PVC-Schaumband, einseitig selbstklebend

PVC Foam Tape

Foam adhesive tapes made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are characterised by a chemical-resistant and flame-retardant adhesive carrier and can be used in a variety of applications indoors and outdoors.

PVC is resistant to alkalis and acids, as well as to alcohol, petrol and oil. The closed-cell foam surface also ensures good anchorage of the adhesive so that the foam tape can adhere strongly and securely.

Common applications are seals in windows and doors or heat and sound insulation in ships and vehicles.

Due to the plasticizers they contain, PVC foam tapes are only available with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives. With the release liner you can choose between different papers and films.

PVC Schaumbänder

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