Adhesive tapes for mounting and fixing

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13718//, 11007//, 14012//, 11523//
Universal mounting tapes

The HighTalent product range is based on a newly developed, solvent-free high-performance adhesive that meets all the essential requirements for a hard-wearing mounting tape.

The innovative polyacrylate adhesive was developed to withstand the effects of moisture, UV light and plasticizers without using harmful solvents.

The high initial and final adhesion strength, as well as reliable adhesion to low-energy surfaces makes it suitable for all classic applications in the bonding of plastic, wood and rubber profiles, scales, panels, signs, displays, mouldings, (heavy) decorative parts, foams, felts or aluminium sheets, as well as seals and floor coverings.

Sample application:

Installation of a transparent sign. The adhesive strips are applied to the back and are almost invisible after removing the release liner.

Verklebung eines Acrylglasschildes mit Montageklebeband
Selbstklebend ausgerüstetes EPDM-Profil

Sample application:

Self-adhesive finishing of EPDM profiles. The adhesive ensures an optimum connection between EPDM profile and joining partner.

14014//, 22123//, 24007//, 37000/0/
Mounting tapes for shelf and price labeling systems

Double-sided adhesive tapes with fabric, paper tissue and PE foam carrier. Ideal for mounting scanner rails and flat plastic profiles for price marking.

For industrial processing, the adhesive tapes are available as cut rolls or cross-wound spools of several thousand meters.

Doppelseitige Klebebänder für die Verklebung von Filzen im Möbelbau

Transfer adhesive tape for self-adhesive finishing of road elements in model making

Permanent adhesive film used for self-adhesive roads in model making. The thin special foams are equipped self-adhesively in contract manufacturing and later printed with various street designs.

The adhesive film covers the entire surface of the road elements so that a secure bond is guaranteed even in the peripheral areas. The paper release liner can be easily removed so that the finished product can be easily processed by the end customer.

Transfer adhesive tape for bonding cellular rubber on punching tools

Strongly adhesive transfer tape with reinforced scrim for full-surface bonding of cellular rubber elements on, for example, flat dies for the production of labels or cardboard boxes.

The permanent adhesive system withstands well the various forces acting on the cellular rubber surfaces during the punching process.

Transferklebeband zur Verklebung von Moosgummi auf Stanzwerkzeugen