Adhesive tapes for signs and badges

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10010//, 10705//
Transfer adhesive tape for bonding vignettes and seals

Permanent adhesive films for the secure mounting of motorway vignettes, various test badges, security labels or seals.

The adhesive systems used ensure reliable adhesion to many materials even under direct UV radiation and unfavorable weather conditions.

Double-sided fabric tape for mounting lettering, ornaments and decorative articles

Double-sided, strong adhesive tape with fabric carrier. For secure bonding of lettering made of wood and metal, as well as ornaments or other decorative elements.

The hot melt adhesive system has a strong and reliable adhesion on all surfaces and reaches its maximum adhesive strength immediately after pressing. It is therefore also very well suited as a fixing aid in connection with mechanical fastenings.

Selbstklebende Buchstaben aus Holz

Sample application:

Full surface lamination with double-sided fabric tape of a wooden lettering. The letters can be bonded easily and comfortably.