Adhesive tapes for drywall installation and partition walls

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30000/1/, 35000/1/
Partition wall tape made of PE foam

One-sided self-adhesive partition wall tape made of closed-cell PE foam, perfect for sound decoupling of sheet steel profiles in dry construction. The polyethylene foam has the appropriate properties for reliable sound insulation of the profiles and can be easily processed in combination with our proven pressure-sensitive adhesive systems.

In the partition wall tape version 30000/1/ the self-adhesive side is covered with a release liner made of film; in the version 35000/1/ on the other hand, the non-adhesive side is laminated with a silicone-coated film on one side. This replaces the release liner and enables even faster processing.

Double-sided adhesive tape, product component for PE foam separating strips in dry construction

Double-sided adhesive tape with paper tissue carrier in long roll format, which is used in the production of separating strips and finally in drywall construction.

Separation strips of PE foam are laminated with a self-adhesive strip, usually 10 mm wide. The remaining non-adhesive foam tape which protrudes after the plaster connection can be cut off cleanly along the edge of the plaster or plasterboard.

Doppelseitiger Klebestreifen, Produktkomponente für PE-Schaum-Trennstreifen im Trockenbau