Adhesive tapes for hook and loop & magnetic systems

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Transferklebeband zur Kaschierung von Klettbändern

Transfer adhesive tape for laminating hook and loop tapes

Permanent transfer adhesive tape for self-adhesive finishing of hook and loop tapes. The adhesive film is ideal for mounting the two hook and loop components on their respective substrates.

The adhesive system fits very well for applications such as the bonding of hook-and-loop insect screens, dust protection doors, first aid kits in vehicles, scanner rails and much more.

14010//, 14310//
Double-sided adhesive tape for self-adhesive magnet systems

Strongly adhesive, double-sided adhesive tape with paper tissue carrier for laminating and mounting various magnet systems. These include raw magnets of various designs, magnetic foils, magnetic signs or magnetic holding surfaces.

The adhesive tape adheres reliably to metallic surfaces and ensures a very good connection between the magnet system and the component to be bonded.