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Many of our customers provide us with materials that we coat with adhesives in contract work. These are often special felts or nonwovens which are bonded e.g. as acoustic damping in the automotive or aviation sectors and are equipped by us with appropriate pressure-sensitive adhesives. But we also provide self-adhesive finishes for various films and other substrates in large quantities.

In addition to the automotive industry, we coat individual customer materials for other branches of industry, such as wind turbine construction, object construction or aviation.

To ensure simple and fast material processing even after self-adhesive finishing, we offer the special technique of Zone Coating. The adhesive is not coated over the entire surface, but transferred to the material in the form of several longitudinal strips. The width of the strips can be determined according to the requirements. After coating, the material webs or punched parts have numerous grip tabs so that the release liner can be removed quickly and without problems, even with very soft materials.

In addition to our contract coatings with pressure-sensitive adhesives, we also carry out laminations in contract work. Of two customer-specific materials, we coat one with one of our pressure-sensitive adhesives and then laminate it to the other material. In this way we produce many different material composites according to customer requirements. The adhesive coating before lamination is usually applied to the entire surface.

Standard coatings of various materials

  • Full-surface pressure-sensitive adhesive coatings on nonwovens, fabrics, films and other materials
  • Partial adhesive coatings, for example adhesive strips on the edge of the material
  • Converting of coated materials, further processing to e.g. cutting rolls Cut rolls

Zone coating of various materials

  • Zone coating with different distances between the adhesive strips
  • Converting coated materials, further processing into, for example, cut rolls

Contract coating with PU adhesive

  • Full-surface pressure-sensitive adhesive coatings, for example on decorative films
  • Converting of laminated materials, further processing into, for example, cut rolls

Laminations of various materials

  • Full surface pressure sensitive adhesive coatings with subsequent material bonding
  • Converting of laminated materials, further processing into, for example, cut rolls
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