Adhesive tapes for packaging and paper

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Doppelseitiges Klebeband für selbstklebende Kartonverschlüsse

Double sided adhesive tape for self-adhesive cardboard closures

Strongly adhesive, double-sided adhesive tape with stable film carrier, ideal as closing tape for cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes are already equipped with the self-adhesive strip during production, so that they can be closed quickly, easily and without additional packaging tape by the user after folding.

In order to enable fast and complete cardboard box production, the adhesive tape is available as a cross-wound spool.

Adhesive tape for splicing meat and fruit pads for food packaging

Strongly adhesive tape with polyester scrim, used as splicing tape in the production of meat and fruit pads for the food industry.

The strong adhesive profile is ideal for the structured and slightly absorbent surface of the fleece pads. The embedded scrim provides the necessary stability of the adhesive film, allowing safe splicing for quick roll changes.

Klebeband zum Spleißen von Fleisch- und Früchtepads für die Verpackung von Lebensmitteln
Transferklebeband zum Verschließen von Tyvek®-Eventbändern

Transfer adhesive tape for the closure of Tyvek® event tapes

Permanent adhesive film with high initial and final adhesive strength and good temperature resistance. Ideal for combination with Tyvek® as a closing adhesive tape.

Tyvek® is used in a variety of applications due to its excellent properties. The light, recyclable and tear-resistant material is also used as an event wristband and requires a particularly secure and durable adhesive closure.