Adhesive tapes for motorhomes

Papiervliesklebeband für technische Filze in Wohnmobilen

Paper fleece adhesive tape for technical felts in motorhomes

Strongly adhesive fleece adhesive tape with application-specific adhesive. For various technical felts used in motorhomes.

Typical applications in the motorhome are self-adhesive felt panelling, felt gliders or acoustic damping.

Adhesive coating and film lamination for absorber foams in motorhomes

Absorber foam provided by the customer, which is self-adhesive on one side and laminated on one side with a thin PU film. The PU film serves as a protective skin on the foam surface.

The main applications of the absorber foam are sealing and insulating functions in motorhomes. In addition to noise and sound reduction, hearing impression and sound behavior can also be optimized.

The self-adhesive foam surface serves as a fixing aid during processing, as well as a permanent adhesive bond in the motorhome interior.

Klebstoffbeschichtung und Folienkaschierung für Absorberschäume in Wohnmobilen