One-sided Adhesive Tapes

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Leitfähiges Kupferband, für leitfähige Bodenbeläge

Conductive copper tape, one-sided self-adhesive

Product features:

  • Hot melt adhesive film, permanent adhesive
  • Carrier of conductive copper film
  • Easy to install, silicone-coated release liner made of paper
  • Often used for conductive floor coverings

Product structure:

Film | Copper

Adhesive | Hot melt

Release Liner | Paper, yellow

Kupferband leitfähiger Kleber Produktaufbau 98000

One-sided sealing tapes
for the building envelope

Product features:

  • Sealing tapes with various carrier materials: film, kraft paper, PP spunbond or Tyvek®
  • Permanently adhesive on polar and non-polar surfaces
  • Sometimes with intermediate supports for stabilization
  • Perfect for all applications for pitched roofs, facades & windows
  • Different roll formats available
All pitched roof adhesive tapes

One-sided Adhesive Tapes

In addition to single-sided self-adhesive foam tapes, we produce various single-sided adhesive tapes, especially for applications in the building envelope. The carrier materials range from kraft paper, versatile films and special spunbond composites to Tyvek®.

However, their use on pitched roofs, windows and facades is only one field of application. Due to the special properties of the carrier materials, they are also used in other industries, for example to dissipate electrostatic charges or for slip resistance on smooth surfaces.

In addition to the selection on this page, you will also find under industrial solutions various single-sided adhesive tapes in connection with their application area.

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