Adhesive tapes for containers and transport cases

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Klebefilm für selbstklebende Textilbänder zur Stoßverklebung von Transportboxen

Adhesive film for self-adhesive textile tapes for joint bonding of transport boxes

Strong adhesive tape with reinforced scrim. For laminating textile materials which are used as permanently adhesive textile tapes for joint bonding of foldable transport containers.

The textile adhesive tape is additionally sewn onto the transport box. The combination of robust, strong adhesive and stable seam ensures a perfect connection and safe transport.

Film adhesive tape for bonding transport protection foils for container modules

Single-sided adhesive tape with flexible and robust film carrier. For the bonding and fastening of cover foils and tarpaulins which serve as transport protection for container modules.

Folienklebeband zur Verklebung von Transportschutzfolien für Containermodule