Copper Tapes for ESD Flooring Systems

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Copper tape for grounding ESD floor coverings

Conductive, single-sided self-adhesive copper tape with strongly adhesive hot melt. The most important area of application is grid-shaped bonding on the subfloor of ESD floorings to ensure their conductivity.

ESD floors (ESD = Electro Statical Discharge) are capable of dissipating electrostatic discharges in a controlled manner. They are used, for example, in operating rooms, clean rooms, server rooms, laboratories, the chemical industry or battery plants.

The self-adhesive and conductive copper tape is an important component of ESD flooring systems and ensures their functionality.

Sample application:

Installation of self-adhesive conductive copper tape under an ESD floor covering. The copper strip ensures conductivity and provides the necessary potential equalization.

Kupferband selbstklebend für ESD-Bodensysteme

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